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Bringing Innovations To Reality With Free DFM Checks.

From the moment we receive your PCB designs, our entire objective is aligned towards manufacturing, procuring, and assembling the exact design you have presented. We understand the countless resources you must have spent in designing the PCB and we stand for excellence in every output, to assist you in attaining that planned end-product.

Our free Design for Manufacturing Check process has been engineered to ensure that your designs can seamlessly pass through our state of the art manufacturing process and deliver the features you seek within the budget you see. Our team of engineers comprehensively examines your design files to ensure the PCB can be manufactured to the exact standards you aim. This helps you in:

  • Eliminating the need for reworks.
  • Evaluating and controlling the manufacturing costs.
  • Expediting the manufacturing process with shorter and planned lead-times.
  • Maintaining standard design and engineering practices for consistently high performance.

To get the Process Started:

  • Fill all the essential details in the below-given form.
  • Upload your design files.

Thank you, for adding all the details! Our engineering & customer success team will shortly reach out to you. We request you to wait for 7 working days before you hear from our team. Post this, you can get in touch with our team directly here

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